Graphite & Digital (2014). 75cm x 56cm (29.5"x22") 

The peacock is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we show our true colors and authentic selves. The 3 heads represent the higher self, the subconscious and the ego. The light emanating from the heads represents the crown chakras, used to communicate with our spiritual nature. The peacock's eyes and eyes on the feathers are closed in a reflective, meditative state and mindfulness. The open eye represents the awakening, the 3rd eye and intuition. The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. It is related to the pineal gland in our brains and often referred to as the principal seat of the soul; represented by the pine cones in the foreground. Sacred geometry in the form of the Fibonacci sequence and spirals appear throughout this piece, the spiral arrangement of pine cones, uncurling ferns, the spiral cactus, the shell of the snail, the cell structure in wings of the dragonfly and most obvious the spiral arrangement of the eyes on the peacock feathers.
The skulls represent the death or shedding the layers of our ego as we continue to liberate ourselves through our spiritual journey. Shedding the ego refers to no longer being controlled by it, no longer being pushed or pulled by our attachments or our aversions and acceptance of constant change, yet unmoved by those changes.  

Below are some screen shots of the process. I started the composition as a portrait version, then changed it to a square format to accentuate the spiraling peacock eyes, but it was taking focus away from the peacock body. I decided to change the composition back to a portrait format, which meant the tedius job of re-painting the feathers. I also made some colour adjustments to the feathers, changing them from a purple tone to orange, to help the peacock stand out more.
Below are some quick and dirty studies and sketches. You can see a quick crude thumbnail sketch which i did in the middle of the night so i wouldn't forget the idea in the morning (i was alseep when the idea came to me).
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